Costa Rica, Don Eli Farm, Natural Process


Light Roast

FLAVOR PROFILE: Sweet, light body, apple, stone fruits

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Light Roast

Java Central Coffee Roaster has nurtured a direct trade relationship with Don Eli Farms in Costa Rica over several years. In the specialty coffee world, these relationships are what allow roasters to give back to the communities who provide so much happiness to our customers. Don Eli farms use ecologically sustainable practices and grow mangos and other citrus fruits alongside the coffee to provide shade and eco diversity to the region. These practices have beneficial effects on the soil, wildlife, and economics of the region. This naturally processed coffee is dried with the fruit still on the seed to impart a natural sweetness and fruitiness to the coffee. Every cup you drink brings you one step closer to the people and cultures we depend on to keep us caffeinated!


FLAVOR PROFILE: Sweet, light body, apple, stone fruits

BREWING METHODS: Drip, pourover

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