Origin Story – Ethiopian Select


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Light-Medium RoastAll good things start somewhere. The legend goes, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi was intrigued by the unusual dancing behavior of his goats. Curious to find the source of this energy, Kaldi followed his goats to a shrub with small red fruits – coffee. Five hundred years later coffee has become part of daily human life all over the world.Our Origin Story coffee is an ode to this miraculous discovery. Ethiopia is still regarded today for its high quality coffees, with their farms regularly winning global tasting awards. This coffee comes from the Guji region, a small Southern province of the country. It has incredible character and a completely smooth experience. PROCESS METHOD: WashedFLAVOR PROFILE: Graham cracker, cinnamon, honey, extremely sweet!BREWING METHODS: Drip

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Whole Bean, Filter, French Press, Espresso


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