Peru, Chasqui


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Medium-Dark RoastThe ancient Incan empire developed an intricate and efficient system of delivering messages and goods throughout the empire. The Chasquis, an elite group of relay runners, ran up to 15 miles per day delivering their cargo to the next leg. The runners trained from a very young age, used memorization and khipu knots to record and transfer information, and were considered the “best of the best”; they were even exempt from taxes! We roast our USDA Certified Organic Chasquis coffee using the same idea of excellence. This single origin bean has a smooth body, mild acidity, and classic flavors that will help you run and have the mental acuity of the Chasquis runners!PROCESS METHOD: WashedFLAVOR PROFILE: Full body, Toffee, Chocolate covered almondsBREWING METHODS: Drip, French Press, Cold Brew

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